In a world of endless information flow, we can only rely on our feelings and intuition.

This work does not carry a complex intellectual concept or a serious semantic load. On the contrary, it is created to give the viewer the opportunity to stop thinking and devote some time to their feelings. Visually, it consists of color fields created with the help of code, which change their position on the screen and flow into each other in their own rhythm. Their forms are completely abstract, and the colors are contrasting. They capture and relax the attention of the viewer, communicating with the unconscious.

From a technical point of view, the project is webgl shaders, which use trigonometric functions and parameters passed from javascript for the creation of color fields and mixing it in a feedback loop with previous frames. The project doesn't use any third party code, libraries or external dependencies. This work includes 11 different composition mods, each of them variable in terms of the shape and arrangement of colors on the screen and has different transitions between color channels and color states. Before being rendered to the screen, the image passes through a feedback filter, which also has several settings for light channels and data processing speed. This all creates a wide variety of possible iterations.

The artwork is created by MCHX and llai.59.