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Fragmented rhombic triacontahedron with model iPhone 5s
A territory demarcated by a string of unintended consequences. Embedded in sand, I saw an old mobile washed up on the beach. The dunes of Mars are glinting with metal bits from a discarded heat shield. A fallen parachute is a white dot amid gray. What would Octavia say? I took a 3D scan of fossiliferous limestone boulders on the side of the road in Morocco. My wife stands on the edge. Artifacts pile up in the studio. Bits and pieces of sculptures that didn’t make it and my phone from eight years ago that did. I capture all those things. A photograph of a Nevada solar farm taken from the window of a plane. Big Rock used to be a spirit until careless men showed up in the west with dynamite and hamburgers. Love is all you need. I may have been careless when I kept a block of salt from the Spiral Jetty. We all leave a trace.